You said: your writing is sharp and profound, with the strokes that ordinary people can't reach; there is calm and passion, with the pain that once twinkled in their hearts; there is the magnanimity to see through the world of mortals, the calm after experiencing the world, the wisdom in real life, and the lowliness in pride. She said: in the rolling world of mortals, I seem to have seen your smiling back, independent and leisurely, strong and sad. Even if your precious heart falls in the dust, it can blossom and send out unique and refreshing fragrance! You have the delicate and graceful of a woman, but also the strong and bold of a man; you have the tenderness of a daughter's family, and the cheerful atmosphere of a boy. He said: your writing is a Jianghu, where there are swords, bridges and streams. You can not only sail in the sea of hearts, but also read through the window at night. I can see the murmuring stream under the ice and snow, the plum blossom scenery with lofty snow and smile. A graceful and graceful you, dancing a long sword with words, one move in one form, with deep skill, makes people dare not to come near, but sends out the charm of soul! They said: no matter how busy you are, they are reluctant to leave your words behind. They said: time, or busy or idle, text, more or less, please remember to write down. Reading the message of you, him, her, them and them, I can't help but cry. For my simple words, my disordered and disordered self talk and madness, for many years, you always overindulge, even indulge, and always give me affirmation and encouragement again and again. Unfortunately, over the years, I am still standing still, unable to break through a limitation, and unable to bring any surprises worthy of mentioning. I only want to be beautiful in the words, one screen, one keyboard, one song, one cup of tea, one person, one world, mumbling to myself, and garrulous. Those little emotions, little sorrow, little sorrow, little love, little contradiction, little tangle, little complaint, little happiness, little sorrow, little deshe Even some long-standing thoughts and feelings that should not be mentioned repeatedly have been expressed arbitrarily and arbitrarily in the text by me.